The Family Way (1966)

“…John Mills delivers one of his career highlights as Ezra Fitton, capturing the comedy of the man, but also the tragedy. Watch the scene at the reception where he challenges Arthur to ‘the elbow game’, an arm-wrestling contest, and see the look in his tear-pricked, sweating and anguished face as his son almost bests him. There’s so much in that one silent moment, so much shared in just the looks between both Mills and Bennett, that says everything about the moment when the child has become a man and how some fathers simply aren’t prepared for it to happen. Inevitably, Arthur realises that his father’s pride means the world to him and so he throws the contest to allow him that one victory, even though he knows it will become one more thing his domineering patriarch holds over him. Indeed, it could be argued that this is a pivotal moment; his inability to prove himself a man, for whatever good intention, becomes enlarged and twisted, hall of mirrors style, into the problems he goes on to have to consummate his love for Jenny…”

Read my full review at The Geek Show

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