Husbands (1970)

On The Geek Show today, I try and compare John Cassavetes as a filmmaker with the stand up of my favourite comedian, Stewart Lee. I know, it’s the kind of hot take you guys come here for all the time, right?

Read my review over at The Geek Show

(Also, take a tip from me and look out for the way Peter Falk pronounces badminton. He says it like “Bad mitten” as if it’s a particularly crappy glove and I genuinely had to pause the film until my laughter abated)

One thought on “Husbands (1970)”

  1. I have long confused the actor Ben Gazzara with John Cassavetes, and vice-versa, but only now do I realise why. Haven’t watched Husbands and it looks as if it could be quite a slog but perhaps worthwhile. At least afterwards, I would once and for all put the correct name to the correct face.

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