The Frightened City (1961)

“…It’s always interesting watching Connery in these early roles because, no matter how large or small the part is, he looks every inch the movie star he was on track to become. Like his roles in Disney’s whimsical Darby O’Gill and the Little People from 1959 and the wartime comedy On The Fiddle which was released the same year as this movie, the part of Paddy Damien is certainly one of the larger roles that came Connery’s way prior to accepting the secret service of Her Majesty, and it’s an opportunity he seizes with both hands. Whilst Damien may be on the wrong side of the law, the character shares some similarities to James Bond that it is easy to see why Broccoli paid it some attention and it’s interesting to note that Broccoli’s daughter Barbara would be convinced Daniel Craig had what it takes to play Bond having seen him play a gangster too in Layer Cake…”

Read my review at The Geek Show

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