Panna a netvor aka Beauty and the Beast (1978)

“…The film opens in a mist-shrouded, decaying forest. A band of grimy-looking travellers on horseback, pulling covered wagons are traversing this ominous terrain, accompanied only by the forbidding sounds of the wild. One in their number, a female, anxiously announces that danger will befall them if they continue – but she is silenced, her pleas curtly ignored in a manner which the audience realises they will regret, should they have the luxury of living available to them. The next scene takes place in a market and, though may initially appear more civilised, we are soon privy to the perfunctory slaughter of animals; chickens are beheaded, whilst innards spill forth from pale pig carcasses. A river of blood is poured into a bowl of oatmeal, as preparation for black pudding. Climbing up a ladder, a man hurriedly follows a maiden into the hay for the proverbial roll, to the amusement of onlookers. Life and death teems in the opening moments of Juraj Herz’s Beauty and the Beast, released to Blu-ray on the Second Run label this week. There isn’t a singing candle in sight…”

Read my review at The Geek Show

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