Jagged Edge (1985)

“…When the bodies of San Francisco heiress Page Forrester and her housemaid are found brutally murdered in Forrester’s remote beach house, suspicion falls on her devastated husband Jack, played with a thoroughbred Kennedy charm by Jeff Bridges. Determined to clear his name, Jack hires one-time hotshot lawyer Teddy Barnes (Glenn Close) to defend him, despite the fact she hasn’t handled a criminal case for many years. Soon enough, a mutual (fatal) attraction starts to develop between client and defender. Teddy begins to receive anonymous letters produced on a vintage typewriter that proves the author has information about the case that is not open to the general public. When Teddy calls on a former mistress of Jack’s she begins to see parallels in her own burgeoning relationship with him, placing her in a difficult position – does she listen to her heart or does she listen to what the evidence is telling her?…”

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