Walk on the Wild Side (1962)

“…As difficult as Fonda seems to have been during filming, her performance is actually one of the film’s saving graces. It may have only been her second movie, but you’re acutely aware that you are watching a star in the making – one that confirms the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, but has a secondary, exciting ingredient that is wholly down to her and her alone. Her Kitty Twist is almost like a child trapped in a grown woman’s body. She’s almost immediately taken with Harvey’s drifter and just as quick to envious petulance when she fears his head may be turned by Anne Baxter’s Teresina, with whom he shares both a fondness for Mexican chilli and an innate morality and kindness – traits that are an anathema to someone like Kitty who has to live on her wits to survive. She’s funny, wild, unpredictable and trouble and when she disappears from the movie after the first half-hour, so too does much of your attention as a viewer…”

Read my review at The Geek Show

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